Boiled corn at home

Servings: 4 Cooking time: 45 minutes

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In 100 grams of corn only 97 calories, sowomen should not deny yourself the pleasure to enjoy this delicious product. Despite the fact that maize contains a lot of carbohydrates, it can be considered a dietary product and even curative.

In corn, the mass of the B vitamins, is presentmagnesium and zinc, so necessary for our body. No corn for nothing called the elixir of youth. So do not worry about the figure, and it will prepare itself fragrant, very tasty and healthy treat. If you do not know how to cook boiled corn, my recipe will help you do it quickly and without problems.

Ingredients for "Boiled corn at home":

  • Corn - 5-6 pieces;
  • Salt - to taste;
  • Hot water;
  • Butter - to taste.
  • Recipe "Boiled corn at home":

    Preparation of boiled corn at home:

    The corn began to grow even seven thousand years beforeBC, so it is the main ingredient of many dishes. However, in order to prepare a salad or an appetizer, first you need to cook it correctly - on how to cook corn will depend on the taste of cooked treats. Choose ripe corn, with no visible damage.

    Choose whole grains, corn

    To maize had a unique taste and aroma,be careful not to throw away the leaves. They can be used for cooking corn on the cob, as well as for therapeutic broth. Thoroughly cleanse the cob, separately postpone the fresh leaves, which need to be very well rinsed in running water.

    Well cleaned corn

    At the bottom of the pan handy lay out a layer of leavestogether with stigmas, which doctors call "corn hair." That part of the leaves, which you use when cooking, spread in a single layer to dry a little bit. On the leaves spread a layer of prepared corn cobs.

    We put corn in a pan on top of the leaves

    Close the corn leaves another layer and fill it with hot water.

    Top cover with leaves and fill with water

    To corn was more delicious, the water may bea little salt. Cook corn about 40 minutes - bring to a boil, then reduce the heat can be. Ready corn check the taste - it should not have a pronounced taste of the starch.

    If you like juicy corn, leave it ona few minutes in the broth. Before serving corn to the table, put on a plate a slice of butter. If you like salt, oil can be mixed with salt. Hot corn gently coated with salted butter and you can bring to the table.

    Boiled corn served at the table

    If you cook corn salad, the best thing would be to use a double boiler. This method of preparation is suitable for people who need to limit the use of salt.

    Serve corn can be directlycob or in grains. To do this, carefully cut away with a knife ready maize, then spread them on a convenient dish. Oil and salt can be submitted separately.

    Preparation of boiled corn stigmas:

    After cooking the corn remains very muchunused leaves and hairs - stigmas. Do not throw them away, and try to cook immediately, while they are still fresh. Few people know, but the broth of corn stigmas can reduce the appetite, it is very often interested in the home hostesses.

    In addition, the broth has an excellent diuretictool and can be used in diseases of the gall bladder, pyelonephritis, urolithiasis. Therefore, this decoction would not be amiss in your home medicine cabinet.

    Pour one cup of boiling water one desserta spoonful of fresh stigmata. Boil them a minute or two, then it is necessary to insist broth for an hour. Strained broth to drink for 20-30 minutes before a meal, about a third cup. Thus, one glass will be enough for one day.

    Dry the rest of the stigma in a dry place,preferably without direct sunlight. Use the dried stigmas as well as fresh, just reduce the amount by half. In the cup of boiling water will suffice teaspoon dry preform.

    Good luck and bon appetit!

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