Corn baked in foil

Servings: 4 Cooking time: 80 minutes

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Boiled corn on the cob is very loved by children -grains obtained are soft and subtle milky flavor. But corn can not only cook, but also bake - corn in foil will turn out not less tasty. The original snack with fresh herbs is perfect not only for a family dinner, but also for the supply to the festive table.

Recipe baked maize useful to allfans of this useful vegetable. This starter turns juicy and fragrant, and you can even cook it from frozen products. Especially original, it will look at the holiday table, if you cook it in the winter.

Ingredients for "corn baked in foil":

  • Corn - cob 3
  • Butter -. 1 tsp
  • dill - a few sprigs
  • Parsley - a few sprigs
  • Coriander powder - to taste
  • Allspice - to taste
  • Dry basil - to taste
  • Sol - 1-2 tsp.
  • Garlic - 1-2 cloves of optional
  • Recipe "corn baked in foil":

    Recipe baked corn in foil

    Before cooking the corn in foil in the oven, set the grill to grill and turn it to warm up - 200 degrees. During this time, you just have time to prepare all the necessary products.

    Butter to put in a convenient bowl, and give him a little thaw - the oil should be soft.

    Butter to put in a convenient bowl

    Any spices - to your taste add to the butter and rub well with a spoon. Fresh dill and parsley to wash, shake off excess water and chop very finely not.

    Fresh dill and parsley finely cut is not very

    Add the dill and parsley to the oil mixture, add salt to taste and mix well.

    Mix greens salt and oil

    Cobs fresh corn cleaned of leaves and hairs - stigmas, rinse under running water and wipe dry.

    Cobs fresh corn cleaned of leaves and hairs

    Food foil divided into several pages, so it was convenient to wrap one ear. Pure corn wipe the oil mixture on all sides and wrap in parchment paper or foil.

    Pure corn oil mixture to wipe all sides

    Leave the corn for 15 minutes so that it is well to be fed with oil mixture.

    Wrap the corn in parchment paper or foil

    Cooking corn on the grill to grill about 40 minutes - during which time it will have to turn over several times, if the oven with convection feature, it is not necessary to turn.

    Corn baked in foil served to the table at once directly on the foil. Snack incredibly juicy and flavorful, so perfect, and as a hot side dish, and as a standalone meal.

    Baked corn in foil served at the table

    If you want to make this a great snack of frozen products, corn and herbs do not need to be defrosted.

    On a sheet of paper for baking will need to lay outgreens, and corn oil, wrap tightly and put in preheated oven. After about 10 minutes, you will need to carefully remove corn from the oven, uncover and turn to corn soaked well on all sides. Bring to a readiness to submit to Tolu. Bon Appetit!

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