Corn roast in a pan

Servings: 3 Cooking time: 45 minutes

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The easiest way to prepare the queen of fields -it is cooking. However, this is not the only way to cook it is surprisingly tasty and healthy plant. In many eastern countries it is not only cook, but also baked on the grill, and even fried in a pan.

popcorn recipe belongs to Turkish cuisine, which is famous around the world for a surprisingly simple, but incredibly tasty treats.

Ingredients for "corn roast in a pan":

  • Corn - 3 pieces
  • Sweet pepper - to taste
  • Butter - 1 tbsp. a spoon
  • Salt - to taste
  • Fresh greens - optional
  • Recipe "corn roast in a pan":

    How to cook popcorn

    Corn has a delicate creamy taste, sofry it in butter better. However, you can replace it with vegetable - corn or olive. To popcorn was juicy and soft, it is necessary to choose the young ears of sugar varieties.

    Corn should be cleaned from leaves and hair - they can be drier, wash in running water and wipe well dry.

    Corn should be cleaned wash and wipe dry

    In a frying pan put a spoonful of butter,warm over medium heat and fry the ears from all sides, so that the grain purchased a light brown shade. Fry corn about 7-8 minutes - make sure that the grains do not burst.

    In a frying pan put a spoonful of butter and fry the ears from all sides

    To beans were soft and juicy, add to the pan a glass of cold water and put out 5 minutes on low heat.

    Fresh herbs finely chop with a knife and mixed with salt and allspice.

    Fresh green chop and mix with salt and allspice

    Corn, fried in a pan, put on a plate and sprinkle on all sides with a mixture of herbs and salt.

    Corn on a plate and sprinkle on all sides with a mixture of herbs and salt

    This dish can be prepared from boiled corn.

    If you have a few ears, put them in a pan and fry in butter.

    Cooked corn ready to be served withmelted butter. In a separate pan melt the butter or oil, and pour them a piece of ready meal. Sprinkle with fresh herbs and serve at the table. You can cut the grain with a knife and mix them with butter and herbs.

    If you want to cook a side dish, then cook fresh corn.

    Fry the corn kernels in butter

    Ears are cleaned, cut corn with a knife and fry them in butter until tender.

    Popcorn served at the table

    When the grains are soft, add a little salt and finely chopped fresh herbs. Bon Appetit!

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