Marinated grape leaves

Servings: 10 Cooking time: 15 minutes

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Stuffed and dolma - favorite foods in many countriesworld. Thus prepared grape leaves can be served for lunch and the festive table, dolma is ideal for dietary and clinical nutrition. From this recipe, you'll learn how to pickle grape leaves to at any time to use them to prepare delicious meals.

Ingredients for "Pickled grape leaves":

  • Grape Leaves - 100-120 pieces;
  • Fruit or vinegar 9% - 1 cup;
  • Salt big - 2 tbsp. spoons;
  • Sugar - 1 tbsp. a spoon.
  • Recipe "Marinated grape leaves":

    Preparation of pickled grape leaves:

    Preform for dolma stored throughoutyear, so you will always be on the table is a tasty and flavorful dish. Marinated grape leaves can be used for stuffing meat and fish meat, great vegetable dolma obtained simply with rice stuffing.

    For canning should be usedYoung grape leaves, the size of which does not exceed the palm. Leaves should be thin and tender, this will depend on the taste of cooked treats you. Leves my very good and dry - lay out on a towel.

    Dry the washed grape leaves

    Fold a few piles of leaves - for five or ten pieces and roll up tight roll.

    We turn off the leaves in rolls

    Prepare clean jars - it is best to take a liter.

    Prepare clean jars

    For the convenience of laid rolls horizontally on some pieces to the bank - try to stack tightly that there was not a lot of empty space.

    We put leaves in jars

    Prepare the marinade for the vine leaves:

    Prepare the marinade in such an amount that was enough to fill all the prepared jars. In one liter of water take two tablespoons of salt, one - of sugar and a glass of fruit or regular vinegar 9%.

    Bring to a boil and immediately pourprepared rolls of leaves. It is important that banks have been previously sterilized. Fill the leaves with hot marinade and immediately roll up or shut.

    Fill rolls with marinade

    Be sure to turn the banks and wrap until cool.

    Banks rolls with grape leaves and cool

    Once the banks are well cooled, they can be placed for storage. Prepare your favorite dishes and salads. Bon Appetit.

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