Salty grape leaves

Servings: 10 Cooking time: 80 minutes

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Dolma is the most tasty, if prepared from young grape leaves. However, the grapes ripen on the season and in the winter to indulge yourself this tasty dish, it is desirable to have a home preparation.

Of course, you can buy prepared leaves onthe market or the store, but it is much cheaper to do it yourself. Make a blank pickled grape leaves quite simple and does not require any special culinary skills.

Ingredients for "Pickled grape leaves":

  • Grape Leaves - 1 kg;
  • Salt big - 120 grams;
  • For the filling:
  • >
  • Salt - 40 g;
  • Water - 1 liter.
  • Recipe "Salt Grape Leaves":

    Preparation salty grape leaves:

    Please note that for salting should be used only the young upper leaves, which are not subjected to spray chemicals.

    Putting young grape leaves

    Putting is not very large leaves and very good wash under running water. To thoroughly clean the leaves can be soaked for several hours in cold water, then rinse again.

    Good and sort out my leaves

    Prepare clean jars, which willstored salty grape leaves. Soaked leaves good squeeze of water and pour the boiling water. Boil the leaves for about five minutes, then you need a good chill in cold water.

    Fill grape leaves with boiling water

    You can use a colander or a substitute for tap water.

    Boiled leaves cool

    On one bank can take about 30-40 leaves, so that they have enough for one use. We turned about 8-10 leaves roll and laid in the bank.

    Try a well-compacted leaves, interspersed with salt each row. For one kilogram of leaves take about 120 grams of sea salt is best, not iodized.

    Puts grape leaves in jars and sprinkle with salt

    After all the cans are filled, it is necessaryIt will cook the brine. Fill the cooled brine, which is desirable to strain through a piece of cheesecloth. Brine cook is based on one liter of water to 40 grams of salt.

    Fill the brine in the banks

    Carefully put the banks on a tray or plastic sheeting, as they begin to wander. After about two weeks of pickled grape leaves are ready.

    Do not top up the water in the leaves, if the brine willdrain and cook an additional brine - 70 grams of salt per liter of water, cool and top up as necessary. Store the jars in a cool place or refrigerator.

    Close the salt leaves lids

    Salt can be prepared faster and leavesway, then it will be added to the leaves dry mustard. Fall asleep, leaves salt, 1 teaspoon mustard spoon and teaspoon of salt. Pour boiling water and close the jars well. Do not forget to turn upside down to cool.

    Do not forget to wash the leaves before cooking,otherwise the dish will be very salty. Cook dolma with vegetable and minced meat at any time of the year. You may also be interested in the recipe of pickled grape leaves, which can be used for cooking cabbage in winter.

    Bon Appetit.

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