Vegetable risotto with squash for the winter, and eggplant

Servings: 10 Cooking time: 80 minutes

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Very often the hostess think how to cookdelicious and hearty salad of fresh vegetables. Especially this question becomes relevant in the winter, when vegetables are mainly greenhouse, with crazy expensive.

To you has never been a lack of tastyvegetable dishes, vegetable pilaf prepare for the winter, which can serve not only as a separate dish, appetizer or salad, but also as an additive to the hot dishes - soups, borscht and other.

Ingredients for "Vegetable risotto with squash for the winter, and eggplant":

  • Rice - 250 grams;
  • Tomatoes - 10 pieces or tomato paste;
  • Courgettes - 1-2 pieces;
  • Sweet pepper - 3 pieces;
  • Onions - 5 pieces;
  • Carrots - 5 pieces;
  • Vegetable oil - 1 cup;
  • . Vinegar - 1 tsp;
  • Salt, spices, sugar, herbs - to taste.
  • Recipe "Vegetable risotto with squash for the winter, and eggplant":

    Cooking Vegetable risotto with zucchini:

    The main ingredients of our blanks arevegetables, so they must first go through a well, remove the spoiled and wash well. We will prepare risotto with squash for the winter, so be careful with cans and lids. Banks are purely my, sterilize, dry them. The same procedure was repeated and the lids.

    Sterilizing jars for pilaf

    The prepared vegetables are cut into small cubes.

    Courgettes, peppers and tomatoes cut into small cubes

    Onions can be cut into rings or half rings - on request.

    Onions finely cut

    Carrots are best to rub on a coarse grater, but you can also cut it into small cubes.

    Carrots cut finely

    We shift all the vegetables except onions in a convenient bowl, mix well, add a little vegetable oil, salt and spices.

    Good mix prepared vegetables

    In a separate bowl, pour vegetable oil and it is well heated. Fry the onions until lightly golden brown, and only then add the remaining vegetables.

    If you are using fresh tomatoes, remove thetheir skin. To do this they will need to dip them in boiling water for a few seconds, and then immediately cooled in cold water - the skin is easy to depart. While fried vegetables, prepare the rice.

    Fry the vegetables until tender

    Figure my well to wash the excess starch. Then soaked in a little water - boil it until tender, but not digested. You can take the steamed rice, then it will be easy enough to wash out.

    Cook rice until tender

    Add the rice and a little water - need toall the vegetables and rice were covered with liquid. You can pour tomato juice vegetables - Dissolve the tomato paste in water, but then consider the amount of tomatoes to pilaf was not too acidic.

    You can add to the rice mushrooms - then they must be pre-boiled in water with onions. Pilaf is necessary to put out about 20 minutes for it to be fully prepared.

    Cook until cooked pilaf

    After that, add the vinegar, boil for a few minutes and immediately placed to the banks.

    Vegetable risotto with zucchini ready

    Sterilizing jars for 10-20 minutes, depending on the size of cans, roll up and wrap up in a warm cloth. When vegetable pilaf to cool down, you can put it into storage.

    Preparation of vegetable pilaf with eggplant:

    Recipes home cooking blanksvegetables very much. However, not all of them are so popular as a vegetable risotto for the winter. In the previous recipe we cooked zucchini blank, this time I offer you a recipe vegetable pilaf with eggplant.

    To do this, we also take fresh vegetables,the only difference - we do not use tomatoes, and once we take 100 grams of tomato paste. Since the main ingredient we will have eggplant (2-3 pcs.), They must be well washed and remove tails.

    My eggplant and clean

    Many mistresses believe eggplant is very sharp, so to remove excess bitterness of them, you can cut them into small pieces, salt and salt and leave for a few minutes, I went to the juice.

    In our family, like a sharp vegetable pilaf, sothis time to prepare, I miss and immediately move on to the next stage of preparation. Figure need to rinse well so that the water was clean - there was not too much residues of starch.

    Figure wash well

    Fill the rice with hot water, add the watera little vegetable oil and salt, boil until cooked rice. Do not overcook the rice, better let it be slightly undercooked, while cooking vegetables it just comes. Boiled rice we shift in a convenient bowl and cool slightly.

    Slightly cool boiled rice

    Courgettes, aubergines, peppers, carrots and onions cut into small cubes. Carrots can grate.

    Vegetables shred cubes

    To prepare for the winter vegetable pilafuse convenient dishes - all vegetables should be very good to mix with each other. Fry all the vegetables to half-readiness in turn, we shift into a comfortable pan and simmer with the addition of tomato paste.

    Before adding the paste to the vegetables, dissolve it in a small amount of water to all the vegetables were covered with tomato sauce.

    Simmer vegetables in tomato sauce

    When the vegetables are ready, add the oil, vinegar, salt and sugar, stir and add the rice. Simmer vegetables with rice for approximately five to ten minutes, and then immediately decompose into prepared jars.

    Vegetable risotto with eggplant ready

    Once the risotto has cooled, it can be trying. Preservation is kept fine, but do not forget to thoroughly sterilize the jars before cooking. In the winter evening on your desk will be a great summer dish.

    If you need a recipe for a delicious pilaf in the summer then pilaf with chicken may be interested, which will serve as an excellent dinner in the ordinary day.

    Bon Appetit.

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